Come Visit Our Non-Profit Store!  All proceeds help our bunnies.

​If you can't visit our shelter in North Hollywood, our on-line non-profit store, BunnyLuv Essentials for Companion Rabbits offers just about every item bunnies could need, including hay, pellets, bedding and toys.  There are even some items just for their humans!  We also sell our hay and Critter Castles at VCA Animal Hospital in Glendale.



Here is a sample of some of our most popular items

All proceeds go towards the care of our bunnies

Bunny Essentials

Hay, pellets and bedding

Toys and Treats!

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​All proceeds go towards the care of our bunnies

Back 2 Nature

Paper-based bedding, perfect for your bunny. Effective for eliminating odors.