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About BunnyLuv

​​​BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), no-kill animal welfare organization. We offer education, adoption, care and supplies for domestic rabbits and the humans who love them. Since our establishment in 1996, BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center has helped thousands of rabbits and humans live together.​

We are here to help people create and maintain a meaningful relationship with their domestic companion rabbits and to help keep their rabbits happy and healthy for a long life and mutual enjoyment. We do this by providing information free of charge, helping to reduce rabbit overpopulation and abandonment in Southern California, and providing a safe haven for neglected rabbits as they await adoption.

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Our Services

  • Boarding

  • Bonding

  • Grooming

  • Health Care Classes

  • Grooming Workshops

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BunnyLuv has Boarding!

Let us take care of your bunny the next time you are on vacation. Travel with peace of mind knowing your bunnies are well cared for!  Your bunnies will be housed in a 4x4 pen with fresh hay and veggies fed out twice a day, plus plenty of TLC.


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Ask about the BunnyCam while Boarding with Us!

Get access to a private link to check on your bunnies while you are away!