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Boarding Services


BunnyLuv requires ALL BOARDERS to have received the RHDV vaccine within 1 YEAR of the time of their stay.

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Going out of town? Worried your neighbor will forget to feed your bunny, or not know what to do if your bunny goes into stasis? Let the experts at BunnyLuv take care of your furry friend!

All bunnies are housed in a 4x4 exercise pen, (bigger rabbits such as Flemish Giants are housed in an 8x4 exercise pen). Our guests get a cardboard hidey house to sleep under and tear apart, a litter box and water bowl. Their pens get cleaned out once a day. We provide everything, just bring your bunny in a carrier!

Want to check up on your bunnies? Our webcam can give you piece of mind anytime.

All our bunnies get hay and greens twice a day and pellets once a day.  We carry multiple types of hay - oat blend, timothy, orchard grass and alfalfa. Our veggie mix usually consists of a mix of romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro, basil and dill.  Oxbow Rabbit Food is the brand of pellets we feed.

Does your bunny require a special diet or medication? That's no problem! Our expert staff are experienced with administrating oral and injectable medications. We can quickly pick up on the first signs of stasis and make your bunny feel back to normal in no time.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED as space is limited, especially during the holidays. Drop off times are during our open business hours ONLY: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm-7pm, Saturday 11am-4pm, and Sunday 12pm-3pm. Contact us if you wish to drop off before noon on Tuesday or Thursday!

Boarder pick-ups can be scheduled for outside of business hours. Please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements to do so. 

DAILY RATES (Include day of drop off and pick up):

One bunny:                                                             $30

Two bunnies (same pen):                                    $35

 -  Additional bunny (same pen):                       $1 per bunny

 -  Additional bunnies (extra pen):                    $5 per pen

Guinea Pigs:                                                            $15 per pen

Medicine Administration:                                   $10 per day

Webcam Access:                                                    $3 per day

($15 minimum)     

Note: There will be an additional $5 added to the daily rate for any bunny not spayed or neutered.

Email us, to make your reservation today! Please Include dates needed, name(s) of your bunny and a copy of their RHDV vaccine.

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