Pamper your bunny with the "works":

  • Full combing and brushing to remove loose fur from outer and under-coats.
  • Nail clipping.
  • Scent gland cleaning
  • Shave down for long-haired rabbits (such as angoras)
Full groom for short-haired rabbits:   $25
Nail trim OR Brush out only:                 $15
Full groom for long-haired rabbits:     $105 + up
Appointments are taken every Thursday (12:30pm - 5pm), Saturday (11:30am - 3:30pm) & Sunday (12:30-2:30pm). Call us 818-988-4488 or email us today to reserve a time.
Due to the time it takes for long-haired bunnies, appointments cannot be made on Sundays.

Schedule a grooming appointment online!

Board your bunnies at Bunny Camp!
Going on vacation?  Travel with peace of mind knowing your bunnies are well cared for!  Click here for further details!
First Aid Classes and Grooming Workshops
Visit the Events page for dates and information on Bunny First Aid Classes  and Grooming Workshops!
Dozens of couples and groups are introduced at BunnyLuv every year. We offer a 2-hour bonding consultation with your bunnies to help you get started or troubleshoot a certain problem.  Consultations are $50. For more information on our bonding services, please contact us at 818-988-4488 or ​​